Palintest is a leading company in the design and manufacture of water analysis technologies, supplying a comprehensive range of precision instruments for multidisciplinary analysis. Backed by over 70 years of research, our assured technologies are used in over 100 countries and across a variety of applications to protect lives and the environment, assist with regulatory compliance, and facilitate system optimisation.

We provide the full spectrum of services to the following departments:

  • Photometers
  • Seneor Technology
  • Visual Test Kits
  • Electro Chemical Meters
  • Wagtech Water Safety Kits
  • Combined / Specialty Kits
  • Disinfection
  • Visual Test Kits
  • Field Kits

Our firm commitment to product development means we’re continually evaluating new and existing technologies to make improvements to the way we operate. Over the years we have developed a number of market firsts and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, enabling our customers to make critical decisions with confidence.