The single incubator version of the advanced Potalab kit, the Potatech features a complete set of digital instruments but remains lightweight and extremely portable for rural and remote water monitoring

We provide the full spectrum of services to the following departments:

  • Photometers
  • Sensor Technology
  • Visual Test Kits
  • Electro Chemical Meters
  • Wagetch Water Safety Kits
  • Turbidity Meters
  • Combined Specialty Kits
  • Compact Chronometer
  • Compact Ammonia Duo Meter
  • ChroloSense
  • ChlordioXense

  1. Field microbiological analysis – single incubator constructed from thermally efficient materials to deliver maximum incubation cycles from the high capacity battery
  2. Reliable physico-chemical analysis – includes the Photometer 7100, Turbimeter Plus and Pocket Sensors for pH and conductivity
  3. Supplied with consumables and parts sufficient for processing/analysing 200 samples.